Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Milwaukee

Azteca goes beyond being the representation of authentic Mexican cuisine. It has become the face and definition of our American Dream. We humbly embarked on this journey as a walk-up restaurant inside a gas station, but with the continued support of the locals, we are now placed inside the heart of South-Milwaukee. Here we have the opportunity to provide a welcoming environment to all while sharing our personal taste of Mexican culture in every dish. 

It is because of this opportunity that we pride ourselves not only in making original Mexican recipes from scratch, but also in the atmosphere and amiable service we provide. At Azteca we are all family; from the kitchen staff to our youngest guest! This means we seek to accommodate all members of the family by serving amazing margaritas and traditional dishes to vegetarian and kid-friendly meals. Enjoying the outside patio during star lit nights is also sure to bring a unique experience of bona fide Mexican dining.

Overall, at Azteca we believe everyone is welcome so when you arrive, you become part of the family and our Mexican roots. 

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